Week 6: How amazing is it that life is the training ground……..

The Scroll Marked II…..

“I will greet this day with love in my heart ❤️…….”

How amazing is it, that we are starting with the next scroll and life throws me a huge opportunity to put it in motion, to really be able to get to grips with my “inner-bitch”.
To really put my money where my mouth is.

As I’m working with and managing different crews and working with lot of passengers in an airplane, that means working with a lot of people who are expressing their emotions, left, right and center….., instead of taking responsibility for their own way of doing or being.

So what I realize, it’s not about what they do, it’s about how I deal with it. Do I let my “inner-bitch” come out full force or do I acknowledge that she’s there and deal with her myself, instead of throwing it out there……..?

Then there is the Gal in the Glass, can I look her straight in the eye if I have anything else than love running through my veins……?
I rather not cheat the Gal in the Glass😳😏, I know her “inner-bitch” is not a nice one….

Week 5 The Paradox of getting back to self…

What I realized and came to grasp with this week, is the self I always thought me to be, is the self I decided to become.
I decided to become that self out of an experience I had as a small child.

That is how I’ve build a self “wall” around me. That’s the cement that covered the Buddha. It is a nice story and really realizing that, is both confronting and liberating at the same time.
There was a disconnect of “self” and of the world around me.
I’ve been living in a world of myself

Getting in contact with the me and self that is so true to the real me, means getting in contact with the world and the people around me.

And in this week of no judgement, it’s not blaming anybody or no swimming in the pool of self-pitty. It’s celebrating and realizing the door to getting to true self, opens from the inside and it needs me to step out…..

Week 4 My blinkers widening

Working on developing myself and now more over, on my BluePrint, is like I have had blinkers on all the time.

It widens and now every time my old blueprint wants to come out, I don’t have to stare at it, without seeing it. My view angle has changed, my blinkers are widening, it’s actually seeing it and being able to look at it and choose where I want to go…..and that’s not the direction of my old BluePrint.

Rather go to the direction of my Definite Major Purpose….


Week 3 If we would know in the first week…..

In the week 3 webinar, Mark J mention (around 8.42 min into the webinar) “If we would know in the first week, it would have people walk…”

Knowing myself a bit, I would not have thrown the towel in, literally…..but to be honest, I’m quite certain, my “subby” would have done some running away.
Wow where did the week go…..?
I feel like an artist trying to hold all my balls in the air. How do everybody else with a fulltime job, a spouse AND kids do this…..?

Listening to the replay of the webinar, has this feeling in my gut roar. Is this excitement or resistance, knowing that “I” have to do the work?
Yes sometimes “I” would rather be lazy then tired, that’s a phrase my mum would say to me.
I realize that I have this belief, that I have to work hard for everything……, for someone like me, who would rather be lazy then tired, it’s a challenging belief.

This is about mastering the basics, so it’s a comfort/lazy zone booth-camp. Yes it is about doing the work, being aware that everything has a reason (wax on, wax off).
As a practicing buddhist, this is what we call doing some “Human Revolution”, changing what is not “working” (pardon the pun) in yourself, getting the fundamental darkness of yourself (without judgement) into the open and brighten them up, let the sun shine…..
If I change, everything around me is changing as well.

Making the world a better place

Week 2 Letting go of looking good!

Already Week 2 of the MKMMA 2016.

This week was full of travel comfortable and less comfortable. Having reached my holiday destination, we had to stay in our room because hurricane Andrews was visiting. And as devastating as it was in Haiti, we slept through what they said was supposed to be a catogary 4.

What I have noticed is that my subconscious, doesn’t know what hit it. I have the feeling it doesn’t even care. As I was sitting in the plane, comfortably in the business class, I watched a movie. And before working on my “subby”, I always used to mind my surrounding in such a way, that I was conscious of the people around me. This time I was laughing my “head off”. Even though I said: I’m sorry to my neighbor, I don’t think I was really sorry. I was having an amazing laugh with this film. I was letting go of looking good.

And by doing so, I was totally in the movie and also could hear what there was out there to get. It’s about transforming my BluePrint.

It’s about becoming a hero in your own story, and that being the hero in your own story, is not about stopping the bad guys or climbing mountains. It’s about overcoming bullies in your life, whatever and whomever they maybe. It’s about putting it all out there for every one to see.

It’s realizing that in life, the most important thing that you can be: Is Yourself


Week 1 Challenging my BluePrint around the Globe

September 25th Significant in a lot of ways:

My 51st B’day……. starting a new year in my life, with all the good things and all the challenges in my life.

Tonight I’m going to start with a training that is supposedly going to transform my way of thinking, feeling, viewing myself and living my life….. I’m feeling excited, as I always feel, when starting to learn something new. I’ve been doing a lot of these life changing, transformative trainings and therapy, for that matter. So what is new with the MKMMA?

After a night of partying into my birthday until 5 o’clock in the morning,  I had planned a spontaneous B’day picnic,  I had nothing in my fridge. And on top of that,  I’ve  sent out a group message to a lot of my friends and family for them to join me and my friend Jennifer, who is visiting me from Kauai to celebrate our birthdays and building our business in Europe.

This was definitely challenging my BluePrint: what if nobody could come to my bash? What if I don’t have enough for them to eat…? When I told my friend later about my insecurities, she was like ……YOU feeling like that? NO way……., you look so cool and collected. Well that’s my BluePrint for yah, I close off and don’t show any emotions/feelings because that is a sign of weakness. Suffering in silence, going into my cocoon. It’s so well imprinted, it’s like a second skin.

So starting with this webinar on my birthday, that seemed significant, let’s just start my next 50 years with a new BP. Even though I was so tired of all the partying and the fact that I have to fly early in the morning to Cape Town, South Africa, doing the MKMMA 1st webinar, that was going to take almost 3 hours, was really pushing the limit a bit. And we (my friend Jennifer and I) actually did it,  we could hardly keep our eyes open though.

Well okay, the beginning is always easy, let’s see if I can keep up with it, without succumbing to excuses like: “I can’t read it during midday, because I’m actually working in the airplane and being one of the managers in the cabin, I can’t just fiddle around reading this scroll….. or I just did an 11 hour flight, of course I’m to tired to read it…” What…….? Hold on, nobody forced me to make this commitment and so who am I convincing this is hard……?

Okay that’s not hard…… falling from the stairs in the plane (on my way back to Amsterdam)  and really hurting my leg and not being able to stand on it, having to go to the doctor and have it checked out…..well that must be a good reason not to honor my commitment……. NOPE.

It’s actually kind of fun, seeing where my old BP wants to take it over and sometimes it does….until I remember something written in the 1st scroll in ” The Greatest  Salesman in the World”

For it is another of nature’s laws that only a habit can subdue another habit”